Pulled pork, hush puppies, coleslaw, & baked beans on tray

What is North Carolina Style BBQ?

It’s the oldest style of BBQ in the nation, that’s all! Specifically, Eastern North Carolina BBQ (ENCS) is vinegar-based with a variety a spices that make every North Carolina roadside BBQ joint unique. At Pigman’s Bar-B-Que, we take all the necessary steps to make our BBQ unique as well. For example, all of our signature […]

Three sauces: Hot Sauce, Regular Sauce, Rib Roarin' Sauce

Sauces to Celebrate

Our incredible sauces are so delicious that they’ve almost taken on a life of their own as local celebrities! We’ll share our secret recipes with you for… Regular Sauce Used on pork BBQ, this is our version of traditional Eastern North Carolina vinegar-based sauce. Hot Sauce Just the right touch of crushed red pepper adds […]

Picnic items: platter of coleslaw, platter of baked beans, platter of hush puppies, platter of pulled pork & hot sauce, rib roarin' sauce, cock sauce, regular sauce, copy 2

Common BBQ Terms

Chopped BBQ Chopping is a method of cutting meat into smaller pieces or chunks from a large cut of meat. A clever is often used to achieve this method. Our beef and turkey options are first chopped into smaller pieces, then hand-pulled and mixed into our Rib Roarin’ Sauce. Hand-Pulled BBQ This method of rendering […]

Full Pigman's meal: rack of ribs, barbecued chicken, hush puppies, baked beans, coleslaw

Outer Banks Ham

Virginia Style Ham in the Outer Banks It is as much tradition as it is delicious. Country ham is a favorite of locals and tourists alike in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And the reason why is simple…it is delicious. Following in the tradition of other incredibly tasty pork products (all cooked fresh and […]