Outer Banks Ham

ham-restaurant-outer-banks-north-carolinaVirginia Style Ham in the Outer Banks

It is as much tradition as it is delicious. Country ham is a favorite of locals and tourists alike in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And the reason why is simple…it is delicious. Following in the tradition of other incredibly tasty pork products (all cooked fresh and for hours at Pigman, of course) ham explodes with flavor.

By Ham, I do not mean the processed pink imposter sitting in the deli case at the supermarket. Granted, there really is no “bad” ham, there are only a few great hams. The greatest of those is the country ham famous in Virginia and Carolina that dates back to the first settlers.

What is Virginia Style Ham in the Outer Banks?

Virginia style ham involves the salt curing of ham. Salt curing goes back to ancient times as an effective and plentiful means to preserve meat. In Colonial Virginia and North Carolina, that principle held weight with the need to cure and preserve pork as the natives reintroduced salt curing to the Colonists.  And thus a tradition of this Virginia, salt cured Ham, was part of the American diet.

This method of curing was so effective that the colonies would ship the Hams back to England in exchange for other goods. Salt curing guaranteed it’s freshness. According to historical documents the ham became a sensation in Europe and even royalty adopted it as a staple of the banquet table. Who can blame them.

Naturally we combine the best of the Virginia Country Ham with the smoking process so prevalent in world class North Carolina barbecue. I affectionately call this Outer Banks Ham, which is of course on the Pigman menu.

What Is Curing?

Naturally curing is the process of using salt to preserve the ham. It is as much history as it is a culinary methods. A big part of trade and survival in the American Colonial world was because of the industry and production of these hams. As an export it helped America get the things they needed from England.

As far as the method, here is a little breakdown

Salt is infused into the ham until it reaches a saturation. The Ham will be stiff and thoroughly cured as the salt is worked through ALL of the ham. The salt draws out moisture. This inhibits bacteria growth. It also gives it a distinct flavor. Then it is ready for smoking.

ham-north-carolinaWhat makes Pigman Ham different

In the tradition of our Colonial heritage, the Pigman Ham’s are cured for months before they are even ready for the smoker. Than we soak them overnight. This helps to reduce the amount of salt in the ham. After the soak, the real flavor process begins. Like all Pigman pork the ham’s will be smoked for hours. We can then slice it thick or thin depending on how you like it.

What are some keys to the ham smoking process?

I have seen scores of advise on the key to smoking great ham. Some use Oakwood. Some use hickory. Some use small chips of Applewood. I think the real key is time. Smoking the ham for a long long time is going to give it a delectable aroma in every savory bite. Most will never smoke their meats as long as Pigman, but you can taste the difference

If you like thin we offer our country ham or country ham and cheese roll packing lots of flavor into thinner slices. Or if you need to cater an event, have a family get together, or even catering for your wedding, call us and we can make it to whatever size you need. Here is the link to our menu for more information

And not just ham but…

Pigman offers great ribs, chicken, brisket, shredded bbq and more.

Outer Banks Wedding Tips: Selecting The Catering

As a restaurant and wedding catering company in the Outer Banks, we are always looking for tips to help our customers and Outer Banks family, both here in Kill Devil Hills and abroad. I recently came across an article that gives about 50 tips to choose the best wedding caterer (scroll down for the link). So I pulled out some of the tips and summarized the ones from the Wedding dinner catering section AND of course I put our take on them from a lens that only Pigman could.

Outer Banks Beach Catering?

You don’t have to have a 5 course meal to impress people at the wedding. You can have a buffet, or 2 courses. It is your day to do what you want to do. Many Outer Banks Weddings have their reception, and ceremonies at the beach.

Flavor…Bbq and otherwise

Think flavor. The article talks about using great sauce. We couldn’t agree more. In Carolina and the Outer Banks area, Pigman’s goal is flavor. outer_banks_wedding_planningThis is why we spend hours cooking our bbq and even more perfecting irresistible barbecue sauces and rubs.

Wedding Ribs And Barbecue

The article says you do not have to have the most expensive cuts of meat. Again it is your wedding. Bridal Guide says “short ribs make a wonderful choice.” and I say HECK YEAH. In fact why stop at short ribs. Our wedding catering services can provide the best cut of rib you can have which is the St Louis Ribs. And this will be a crowd pleaser.

We say no to this tip…

•The article from Bridal v Guide also recommends going with pumpkin ravioli and goat cheese manicotti. The Pigman advice is:


Honestly has anyone ever pounded the table and demanded more goat cheese pasta or more pumpkin ravioli. This is artistic food.  We focus on flavor and food people want to eat at festivals, vacations, family gatherings, and of course weddings, wedding receptions, and rehearsal dinners.

Family Style Wedding Dinners For The OBX Beachfront

The article says family style dinners are acceptable and a great way to save money. They are also a great way to please the groups. Our bbq buffet style catering has food that will appeal to everyone.

outer_banks_wedding_Even More Wedding Catering Tips EXCLUSIVELY from Pigman

•If flavor is your goal an Outer Banks wedding catered with bbq ribs, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork is the way to go.

•The catering is a great way to put a special flair that makes the wedding all your own and special.

•People LOVE bbq. And there is a reason..it is delicious. Carolina and the Outer Banks area are known for incredible bbq.

Outer Banks Rehearsal Dinner Catering

If Not The Wedding..How About The Rehearsal Dinner. You may want an ultra formal wedding but the rehearsal dinner would be perfect for a barbecue buffet that won’t break the budget and will be enjoyed by bridal and groom parties alike.

BBQ Rehearsal Dinner Planning With Pigman Is Also Easy

Planning with us is fun, simple, and effortless. No complicated pricing formulas. We offer a lot of value and a lot of taste.

Contact Us For Information Or A Free Quote

Outer Banks Ribs

With a name like Pigman, you know that if you want Ribs while you are in the Outer Banks, we have them. We are your one stop shop for incredible barbecue (bbq). This includes:

  • Barbecue chicken
  • Barbecue pork
  • Barbecue Brisket
  • Tuna Barbecue
  • Turkey Barbecue
  • Mouth watering ribs

ribs carryout outer banks

Carryout Outer Banks: The Ultimate Beach Companion

You are at the beach. You are going to get messy. Why not make ribs part of your beach picnic as you enjoy a sunny day in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills,Southern Shores or Kitty Hawk. Nothing is as big a crowd pleaser as ribs that are seasoned and sauced perfectly.

Dinner In Your Beach Rental

No OBX feast would be complete without ribs. We offer platters with bbq chicken, pork, and brisket. But ribs are a special treat. They are sure to please the entire family.

outer banks best ribsSeasoned And Sauced To Burst With Flavor

There are 2 schools of thought surrounding rib flavoring and seasoning. One school of thought says go with a rub. The rub gives the rib a tangy flavor with a burst of spice. The other variety is to go with a liquid sauce. This adds mountains of flavor and texture as the combination of sweet and salty flavors hits your tongue. Both are good but which one should you pick. Well the Pigman answer is:

Is it too much to ask for both?

Audio Player

Rib Flavor Explosion

Why limit the flavor. We put a rub on the ribs. Then we add our famous one of a kind sauce. Flavor blowout! This intensifies the flavor

But there is one more step.

The cut of the rib is a key to flavor

Even in the world of ribs there are different cuts of ribs. Just like steak all ribs area not created equal. There is the filet mignon of ribs and of course the sirloin of ribs. The meatiest most flavorful area is obviously the best. This is the middle of the rib. This is the section where St Louis style or spareribs come from.

ribs obxSt Louis Style Ribs = Filet Mignon Quality Ribs

This is the premium section for ribs. It is the largest. It has the most meat. If you want to treat yourself to the best, this is what you order. And it is the one Pigman chooses to use. If our goal is flavor, we have to give you the best.

Baby Back Ribs = Sirloin Quality Ribs

When I say baby back ribs most people see a picture of Mike Myers, dressed as a Scottish henchman of Dr Evil, singing

“I want my baby back baby back, I want my baby back baby back ribs”

This thrust the lower quality baby back ribs to prominence. In fact, it made people think they were getting the best, when they were not. Don’t get me wrong. They are tasty. All ribs are pretty good. They just aren’t the most flavorful or most amount of meat you can get from ribs. That comes from St Louis Ribs. These are also known as Kansas City Ribs. So remember YOU DON’T WANT your baby back baby back ribs.


Riblets or Country Style Pork = Fast Food quality of the rib world

These are sections of ribs with tougher meat that I liken to the fast food quality Riblets are often used in recipes. Country style pork can be tasty but you have to cook in really really long and slow to make it tender. It also tends to be very cheap.

McRib= Utility Beef of the Rib World

This really isn’t a rib. This is a piece of pork shaped to look like ribs. It is really an imposter to the rib family. It simulates ribs by giving you a pork flavor with mountains of sauce. It is tasty though, but of low quality.

Cooking Ribs For Your Outer Banks Barbecue

How to cook ribs is a whole other article. There are many schools of thought here. Some bake. Some grill. Some do a combination. And then the sauces vary as well as people who choose to go with a rub versus a sauce (or both). But regardless of what method you go with great ribs depend heavily on a few key ingredients:

Time And Patience

It takes hours to slow cook ribs. You want the ribs to be tender. You want them seasoned perfectly. You can’t rush this. We do this all day long. Let us take the time to prepare the ribs. Then enjoy them here or have them for carryout.

Wedding Catering

Ribs are a fan favorite. If a cliche wedding menu is not your thing ribs are the ultimate comfort food. We have an entire menu of Carolina and Outer Banks favorites. Just let us know if you want more information. Reach us via our Contact Page

Fathers Day Carryout

Start Father’s Day in the Outer Banks with our carryout and save yourself hours of cooking. Call Pigman for fast affordable carryout meals and feasts.

The Best Thing You Can Do On Fathers Day in the Outer Banks

Ask yourself what activity would you rather do to enjoy Fathers Day Sunday in the Outer Banks

  1. Go to the OBX Beach
  2. Go fishing in Oregon Inlet
  3. Go to a movie
  4. Actually Spend Fathers Day with your Father
  5. Get the food for a huge meal and spend hours cooking it

For most choice #5 is not all that fun. You are in the kitchen while Dad is in the living room, or outside, or enjoying the picnic…without you! Choices 1 to 4 require only one thing..Pickens To Go.

Pickens to go

Enjoy the Outer Banks this Fathers Day with Pickens To Go Carryout!. The best part is, you do not have to lift a finger. Give us a Call. Don’t spend all your time preparing for your Fathers Day.

Food Dad Likes

We know what Dad Likes which is why we offer incredible award-winning barbecue including:

  • ribs
  • chicken
  • brisket
  • pulled pork

Organizing the ultimate Fathers Day Celebration

Fathers Day Carryout Plan

  1. Call Pigmans
  2. Tell us what delicious food you know Dad wants!
  3. After selecting ribs, chicken, pulled pork, brisket or ham come pick it up!


Fathers Day Cookout OBX Style

What could be better than a Fathers day cookout celebration with incredible ribs, chicken, brisket, pulled pork and more? One where the food is cooked, the cleanup is easy, and the food is incredible.

Pigmans Carryout Is The Ultimate Choice For Your Fathers Day Barbecue

Our barbecue meats roast for hours, soaking up flavor. That’s hours of taste that you can enjoy. Not hours of work.

 Beach Picnic on Fathers Day

Pigman’s Outer Banks Carryout also is the perfect choice for a beach outing for the whole family. Enjoy sun and fun while celebrating how much you appreciate Dad by the Atlantic Ocean. Easy cleanup too.

fathers day gift barbeque sauce pigman And Don’t Forget the Perfect Fathers Day Gift

Please no more ties. A great gift for Dad this Outer Banks Fathers Day is the gift of good taste. That taste…Pigman’s Barbecue Sauce. When the festivities are over, present Dad with a bottle of Pigman’s Barbecue sauce, which is brimming with a unique blend of seasonings and spices. After he tastes the barbecue, he will be glad that this is his gift!

 Easy and Affordable OBX Carryout

You don’t have to be fancy or spend a fortune to show Dad how much you love him. Pigman’s carryout is 100% Carolina comfort food. All you need to do is pick up that cell phone and give us a call. Better yet come visit us at our Outer Banks location and sample our bbq for yourself.

 Incredible Value: Carryout Fathers Day Meals

Try feeding 8 people for under 75 dollars in the Outer Banks if you eat out. Well, that is the price of our smallest carryout pack.

Come check out the incredible value our carryout provides without a huge price tag

Catering The Outer Banks Wedding Menu

The big day is approaching, your Outer Banks beach wedding is in the planning, and now you need to choose your menu from the catering company. This doesn’t have to be difficult or overpriced. catering_outer_banksFollow these three tips first:

  • Do what you want
  • There is no official must do menu you have to have
  • Lean on the catering company to do the planning and the work of running the menu

Some important questions to ask your caterer during the selection process

These questions are good starting points. Regardless of which way you go here are a few things to think about.

Casual or Traditional OBX Wedding Catering?

Are you going casual or formal? Do you want a sit down to a formal reception or something more casual with a buffet. Even if you go traditional you do not have to have dry cliche meal items like Chicken Cordon Bleu or fish. You can go Outer Banks Carolina style and have ribs, chicken, and pulled pork.

catering_estimates_outer_banksThe wedding feast: indoors or on the actual Outer Banks?

Are you going to have the meal on the Outer Banks beach or indoors? This is the OBX. You can put your feet in the sand at the ceremony AND the reception. We can be set up right near the beach for a cozy post beach wedding meal, anytime of year.

What are some menu choices available to me?

There is no set way you have to do this. Many couples want the food they have at feasts, reunions and special occasions. Thus they call us at Pigmans Bbq.

Let Pigmans Outer Banks Catering Help

Pigmans has catered scores of weddings, events, gatherings, parties, and charities right here in the Outer Banks. Contact us for a free quote or to schedule a tasting. We have lots of menu choices and possible menus for you to choose which include our favorites like:


I cannot tell you one time EVER that I have heard someone say I do not like ribs. Pigman’s signature ribs will please any crowd at any event.  Yes, they are messy. If dainty is your thing, eating ribs at your wedding probably isn’t. But if taste and fun are top of the wedding planning list..go with Pigman’s ribs.


Pair those ribs with barbecue chicken for a ribs and chicken wedding feast. In fact, there is no limit to the different menu combinations you can choose

 Pulled Pork

Naturally, our pulled pork is also very popular as a menu choice and goes great with the ribs, chicken, or both.


In the Kitchen


Chefs Top Palmer and Richard Bruce of Pigman’s Bar-B-Que in the Outerbanks stopped by The Hampton Roads Show to make Yellowfin Tuna Sliders. While the meal can’t be found on their regular menu, it is available for catered events.

Have you been to Pigman’s Bar-B-Que before? They’re an icon in that area, so when you head out that way, stop on in.