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Fathers Day Carryout

Start Father’s Day in the Outer Banks with our carryout and save yourself hours of cooking. Call Pigman for fast affordable carryout meals and feasts.

The Best Thing You Can Do On Fathers Day in the Outer Banks

Ask yourself what activity would you rather do to enjoy Fathers Day Sunday in the Outer Banks

  1. Go to the OBX Beach
  2. Go fishing in Oregon Inlet
  3. Go to a movie
  4. Actually Spend Fathers Day with your Father
  5. Get the food for a huge meal and spend hours cooking it

For most choice #5 is not all that fun. You are in the kitchen while Dad is in the living room, or outside, or enjoying the picnic…without you! Choices 1 to 4 require only one thing..Pickens To Go.

Pickens to go

Enjoy the Outer Banks this Fathers Day with Pickens To Go Carryout!. The best part is, you do not have to lift a finger. Give us a Call. Don’t spend all your time preparing for your Fathers Day.

Food Dad Likes

We know what Dad Likes which is why we offer incredible award-winning barbecue including:

  • ribs
  • chicken
  • brisket
  • pulled pork

Organizing the ultimate Fathers Day Celebration

Fathers Day Carryout Plan

  1. Call Pigmans
  2. Tell us what delicious food you know Dad wants!
  3. After selecting ribs, chicken, pulled pork, brisket or ham come pick it up!


Fathers Day Cookout OBX Style

What could be better than a Fathers day cookout celebration with incredible ribs, chicken, brisket, pulled pork and more? One where the food is cooked, the cleanup is easy, and the food is incredible.

Pigmans Carryout Is The Ultimate Choice For Your Fathers Day Barbecue

Our barbecue meats roast for hours, soaking up flavor. That’s hours of taste that you can enjoy. Not hours of work.

 Beach Picnic on Fathers Day

Pigman’s Outer Banks Carryout also is the perfect choice for a beach outing for the whole family. Enjoy sun and fun while celebrating how much you appreciate Dad by the Atlantic Ocean. Easy cleanup too.

fathers day gift barbeque sauce pigman And Don’t Forget the Perfect Fathers Day Gift

Please no more ties. A great gift for Dad this Outer Banks Fathers Day is the gift of good taste. That taste…Pigman’s Barbecue Sauce. When the festivities are over, present Dad with a bottle of Pigman’s Barbecue sauce, which is brimming with a unique blend of seasonings and spices. After he tastes the barbecue, he will be glad that this is his gift!

 Easy and Affordable OBX Carryout

You don’t have to be fancy or spend a fortune to show Dad how much you love him. Pigman’s carryout is 100% Carolina comfort food. All you need to do is pick up that cell phone and give us a call. Better yet come visit us at our Outer Banks location and sample our bbq for yourself.

 Incredible Value: Carryout Fathers Day Meals

Try feeding 8 people for under 75 dollars in the Outer Banks if you eat out. Well, that is the price of our smallest carryout pack.

Come check out the incredible value our carryout provides without a huge price tag