Outer Banks Ribs

With a name like Pigman, you know that if you want Ribs while you are in the Outer Banks, we have them. We are your one stop shop for incredible barbecue (bbq). This includes:

  • Barbecue chicken
  • Barbecue pork
  • Barbecue Brisket
  • Tuna Barbecue
  • Turkey Barbecue
  • Mouth watering ribs

ribs carryout outer banks

Carryout Outer Banks: The Ultimate Beach Companion

You are at the beach. You are going to get messy. Why not make ribs part of your beach picnic as you enjoy a sunny day in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills,Southern Shores or Kitty Hawk. Nothing is as big a crowd pleaser as ribs that are seasoned and sauced perfectly.

Dinner In Your Beach Rental

No OBX feast would be complete without ribs. We offer platters with bbq chicken, pork, and brisket. But ribs are a special treat. They are sure to please the entire family.

outer banks best ribsSeasoned And Sauced To Burst With Flavor

There are 2 schools of thought surrounding rib flavoring and seasoning. One school of thought says go with a rub. The rub gives the rib a tangy flavor with a burst of spice. The other variety is to go with a liquid sauce. This adds mountains of flavor and texture as the combination of sweet and salty flavors hits your tongue. Both are good but which one should you pick. Well the Pigman answer is:

Is it too much to ask for both?

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Rib Flavor Explosion

Why limit the flavor. We put a rub on the ribs. Then we add our famous one of a kind sauce. Flavor blowout! This intensifies the flavor

But there is one more step.

The cut of the rib is a key to flavor

Even in the world of ribs there are different cuts of ribs. Just like steak all ribs area not created equal. There is the filet mignon of ribs and of course the sirloin of ribs. The meatiest most flavorful area is obviously the best. This is the middle of the rib. This is the section where St Louis style or spareribs come from.

ribs obxSt Louis Style Ribs = Filet Mignon Quality Ribs

This is the premium section for ribs. It is the largest. It has the most meat. If you want to treat yourself to the best, this is what you order. And it is the one Pigman chooses to use. If our goal is flavor, we have to give you the best.

Baby Back Ribs = Sirloin Quality Ribs

When I say baby back ribs most people see a picture of Mike Myers, dressed as a Scottish henchman of Dr Evil, singing

“I want my baby back baby back, I want my baby back baby back ribs”

This thrust the lower quality baby back ribs to prominence. In fact, it made people think they were getting the best, when they were not. Don’t get me wrong. They are tasty. All ribs are pretty good. They just aren’t the most flavorful or most amount of meat you can get from ribs. That comes from St Louis Ribs. These are also known as Kansas City Ribs. So remember YOU DON’T WANT your baby back baby back ribs.


Riblets or Country Style Pork = Fast Food quality of the rib world

These are sections of ribs with tougher meat that I liken to the fast food quality Riblets are often used in recipes. Country style pork can be tasty but you have to cook in really really long and slow to make it tender. It also tends to be very cheap.

McRib= Utility Beef of the Rib World

This really isn’t a rib. This is a piece of pork shaped to look like ribs. It is really an imposter to the rib family. It simulates ribs by giving you a pork flavor with mountains of sauce. It is tasty though, but of low quality.

Cooking Ribs For Your Outer Banks Barbecue

How to cook ribs is a whole other article. There are many schools of thought here. Some bake. Some grill. Some do a combination. And then the sauces vary as well as people who choose to go with a rub versus a sauce (or both). But regardless of what method you go with great ribs depend heavily on a few key ingredients:

Time And Patience

It takes hours to slow cook ribs. You want the ribs to be tender. You want them seasoned perfectly. You can’t rush this. We do this all day long. Let us take the time to prepare the ribs. Then enjoy them here or have them for carryout.

Wedding Catering

Ribs are a fan favorite. If a cliche wedding menu is not your thing ribs are the ultimate comfort food. We have an entire menu of Carolina and Outer Banks favorites. Just let us know if you want more information. Reach us via our Contact Page