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Outer Banks Wedding Tips: Selecting The Catering

As a restaurant and wedding catering company in the Outer Banks, we are always looking for tips to help our customers and Outer Banks family, both here in Kill Devil Hills and abroad. I recently came across an article that gives about 50 tips to choose the best wedding caterer (scroll down for the link). So I pulled out some of the tips and summarized the ones from the Wedding dinner catering section AND of course I put our take on them from a lens that only Pigman could.

Outer Banks Beach Catering?

You don’t have to have a 5 course meal to impress people at the wedding. You can have a buffet, or 2 courses. It is your day to do what you want to do. Many Outer Banks Weddings have their reception, and ceremonies at the beach.

Flavor…Bbq and otherwise

Think flavor. The article talks about using great sauce. We couldn’t agree more. In Carolina and the Outer Banks area, Pigman’s goal is flavor. outer_banks_wedding_planningThis is why we spend hours cooking our bbq and even more perfecting irresistible barbecue sauces and rubs.

Wedding Ribs And Barbecue

The article says you do not have to have the most expensive cuts of meat. Again it is your wedding. Bridal Guide says “short ribs make a wonderful choice.” and I say HECK YEAH. In fact why stop at short ribs. Our wedding catering services can provide the best cut of rib you can have which is the St Louis Ribs. And this will be a crowd pleaser.

We say no to this tip…

•The article from Bridal v Guide also recommends going with pumpkin ravioli and goat cheese manicotti. The Pigman advice is:


Honestly has anyone ever pounded the table and demanded more goat cheese pasta or more pumpkin ravioli. This is artistic food.  We focus on flavor and food people want to eat at festivals, vacations, family gatherings, and of course weddings, wedding receptions, and rehearsal dinners.

Family Style Wedding Dinners For The OBX Beachfront

The article says family style dinners are acceptable and a great way to save money. They are also a great way to please the groups. Our bbq buffet style catering has food that will appeal to everyone.

outer_banks_wedding_Even More Wedding Catering Tips EXCLUSIVELY from Pigman

•If flavor is your goal an Outer Banks wedding catered with bbq ribs, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork is the way to go.

•The catering is a great way to put a special flair that makes the wedding all your own and special.

•People LOVE bbq. And there is a is delicious. Carolina and the Outer Banks area are known for incredible bbq.

Outer Banks Rehearsal Dinner Catering

If Not The Wedding..How About The Rehearsal Dinner. You may want an ultra formal wedding but the rehearsal dinner would be perfect for a barbecue buffet that won’t break the budget and will be enjoyed by bridal and groom parties alike.

BBQ Rehearsal Dinner Planning With Pigman Is Also Easy

Planning with us is fun, simple, and effortless. No complicated pricing formulas. We offer a lot of value and a lot of taste.

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